Monthly Archives: March 2012

Anne Robinson -age 77, Campbelltown. NSW.

“I am now sleeping eight hours a night and feel so much more relaxed and better within myself”

R.B, Macquarie Links, NSW

“Thank-you for helping to make my son’s transition to high school a smooth one.”

Cheryl, Brisbane, QLD

“You have made a lovely impact on my family.”

Catherine, Campbeltown, NSW – One month post-treatment: stabilised with on going support

“Thank-you so much for being able to help me while I have been sick. I can’t thank you enough.”

M.A, Bankstown, NSW; aged 17 – One year post treatment: Going well with supportive counselling

“After experimenting with many doctors and therapists I have never been able to express myself as comfortably as I did with you and get such a helpful response.”

Ho Lau, Parramatta, NSW

“my experience with Chris was great, I haven’t had a smoke now for three months and I thank you very much”

David Pacheo, Kellyville, NSW – One month post treatment: smoke free

“With endless attempts to quit prior to this I came to Chris hoping that he would help me change my life. This was achieved within my first visit. After smoking since age fifteen, I can out of there feeling that … Continue reading

Karen Fletcher, Campbeltown, NSW – Eighteen months post treatment: smoke free

“Over the last ten years I tried many different therapies without success. I attend three sessions with Chris over a ten day period. I have been a non-smoker for eight weeks now and feel unexplainable confidence that I will never … Continue reading

L.L., Wollongong, NSW; age 25 – 3 yrs. Post treatment: phobia free

“I was referred to Chris for my clinical phobia to needles. It had become so severe that I was refusing medical treatment. Being a health professional myself, I was exposed to various counselling and therapy techniques without effect.